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Plez and Eva Cooper


The Cooper Kids
Cecil, Doug, Wilford, Gene, Al, Thelma and Doris

Family and friends meet for the late Plez and Eva Cooper reunion
The reunion for the family and friends of the late Plez and Eva Cooper was held Saturday, September 11, at the Vanceburg boat docks.
Those attending were Randy Cooper, Doris Linville, Sherri Burriss, Al and Pauline Cooper, Terry and Brenda Cooper, and Frank and Peggy Clark, all of Vanceburg.
Tammy Bivens and Bethany Bivens, both of Garrison. Robert and Jamie Hamm, and Corey Hamm, all of Tollesboro.
Roger Applegate, James Applegate and Becky Jones, all of Stout, Ohio. April Brown, Bobby Strode, Craig Cooper and Lanny Cooper, all of Maysville. Ashley and Beth McGlone, Austin McGlone and Alicia McGlone, all of Hillsboro.
Gene and Bessie Cooper of Petersville, Varina Yazell, Kathie Yazell, Marty Yazell, Allison Yazell, Forest and Mildred Cooper, Andy Cooper, Laura Cooper, Wayne Justice, Bea Cooper Justice and Shannon Justice, all of Flemingsburg.
Kay Lykins and Frances Lykins, both of Wallingford. Charles (Chuck) Cooper of Danville, Gary and Marlene Ashcraft and Logan Tucker, all of Augusta.
Juanita Cooper of Morehead. George and Sarah Cooper, Michael Cooper, Dougie Cooper, Travis Cooper and Wayne Cooper, all of Ewing.
Charlene Burriss, Keith Cooper and Toby King, all of Greenup.
A special thank you to Al Cooper, Gene Cooper and Terry Cooper for the good music, and to everyone who helped with the singing. The blessing was given by Terry Cooper. Everyone enjoyed the day with family, friends, good food and music. There were 54 in attendance.


the old home place


the second old home place